So you just got your order and are all excited. You put the cartridge on the battery and start vaping. But, there is no vapour and the battery button light is flashing white (or blue)! No worries, it is not defective. From time to time, there are cartridges that are not making proper contact with the battery. The good news is the fix is very easy. There could be 2 reasons.

The first possible reason is the center post of the cartridge is not making proper contact with the battery. What you need to do is remove the cartridge from the battery and look at the bottom of it. You will see a round contact. Using a small flat screwdriver or your fingernail, you want to pull it out just a tiny bit. Once that is done, put it back on the battery, and try again!

If that didn’t work, then the next solution is to loosen the cartridge on the battery a bit. Just unscrew it little by little until it works!

If none of these solutions do not work, please send us an email or send us a message on our website chat. We will take care of you!