Why isn’t my CCELL cartridge full?

We know that when our customers get our Foggy Forest cartridges they appear to be under-filled. This wasn't like this before when we were using cartridge made by iKrusher. This issue is easily explained and of course, we want to let you know why it looks that way....

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Cannabis for Depression

Depression is the leading cause of disability in the United States. Around the world, approximately 322 million people deal with the symptoms every day. On an annual basis just under seven percent of adults in the US reportedly experience one or more depressive...

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Cannabis for Anxiety

Have you have ever wondered why people so strongly associate cannabis with chilling out? The old assumptions around cannabis is a blissed out hippy, with not a care in the world. While this image is definitely outdated today, the plant is under investigation for...

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Troubleshooting: Vape cartridge and pen.

So you just got your order and are all excited. You put the cartridge on the battery and start vaping. But, there are no clouds! No worries, it is not defective. From time to time, there are cartridges that are not making proper contact with the battery. The good...

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