CBD + Indica THC Vape Pen Starter Kit


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Vape juice details

  • 1:1 = 200mg of CDB & 200mg of THC
  • 3:1 = 300mg of CDB & 100mg of THC

Cartridge details:

  • Made by iKrusher
  • Amazing airflow
  • Ceramic tip
  • Quartz glass
  • Porous ceramic atomizer
  • 510 thread

Battery Details

  • Rechargeable 350 mAh lithium ion
  • Adjustable voltage
  • 510 thread
  • USB charger included
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Our CBD + THC vapes provide a fast and discreet way to experience the highly sought-after “entourage effect”. We use strain specific AAAA nug run shatter with 99.7% pure CBD isolate to give you a unique full spectrum. We are the only website in Canada that specializes in CBD THC vaporizers.

THE STRAIN: This vape will come with an indica-dominant strain that is known to give its users a sedative feeling. It usually makes the user feel more relaxed, calm with a body buzz. Mixed with CBD, it known to really help with pain and sleep. CBD counteracts the psychoactive effects of THC which means you won’t get as high.

Additional information

Weight 61 g
Dimensions 5.5 × 3 × 1.25 in

5:1, 3:1, 1:1


Blueberry, Grape, Menthol, Pineapple, Plain, Strawberry

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Quick and easy

My pen came quickly and it's very easy to use. It's not as powerful as my nic-vape but that's probably a good thing. Didn't take long to figure out how many puffs it took to get me relaxed and ready to sleep.
I ordered the grape flavor but it definitely does not overpower the taste of weed. Could be a pro or a con depending on if you like the taste of weed.


The product arrived in a very timely manner. However it came without any instructions and I had to experiment to find that the pen had three(?) levels of strength and how long to charge etc, Perhaps an instruction sheet could be added to the package. Blueberry flavour is very subtle, so enjoyable. I think I am going to try the 1:1 ratio with no flavour next time around

Perfect buzz

Got the 1:1 THC CBD indica pen no flavor. Tastes great and I sleep amazing. I get anxiety when I smoke weed so I quit years ago, but I don't with this at all. Absolutely great, I love it!

Love it!!!

Vaping is the way to go!!! Oral CBD did nothing for me, and understanding the entourage effect, at least for me, has been a game changer. Will reorder again and again! Happy to have found foggy forrest after wasting so much money elsewhere. Blueberry flavour is subtle and nice!


The effect is perfect! Helps me sleep and eases my restless legs along with any aches. My only complaint: I really don't like the strawberry flavour. It's almost cough syrup in nature and not something I personally like. But that is literally the ONLY complaint I have. Will purchase again.

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