Dutch Kush – Live Resin – 1g


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1 gram of live resin

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Ever-changing in variety, our concentrates are made with care to provide you with flavourful, clean, concentrated cannabis. Enjoy our shatters, crumbles, live resins and more.

With a solid track record of creating fantastic strains, breeders at Paradise Seeds in Amsterdam have brought users an indica-dominant bud that’s strong and tasty. A three-way cross between Afghan Kush, Skunk, and Narrow Leaf Afghan has resulted in a selection that offers users deep body effects and a boost in their mental state. In short, it’s perfect after a long day. If you like dessert strains, Dutch Kush is for you, with flavors of coffee, caramel, and caramelized sugar. The aroma is similar with an added touch of floral scents.

Perfect for an afternoon pick me up or an end of day reward, this strain starts users off with an uplifting burst of energy that puts you in a good mood no matter what. You’ll feel the urge to chat with anyone who is around, and everything around you will seem just a little bit funnier. A warm rush of buzzing feelings will overtake your entire body and slowly rock you into a peaceful calm. Grab your pillow because the end of your comedown nearly always results in a great night of sleep.

More often than not, medical patients reach for Dutch Kush to help with their lack of appetite or nausea symptoms. You can’t help but eat when you’ve enjoyed this strain, so grab some healthy snacks and go at it. As it tends to clear away negative thoughts with ease, it’s also a strain that many rely on for stress and anxiety relief. General aches and pains are no match for its body effects, and those who struggle with insomnia will think they have found their dream come true.

At a party or home alone – Dutch Kush will treat you right either way. Enjoy its combination of uplifting effects and a sleepy comedown, and make sure you have some handy to share with friends. After all, any strain that’s born and bred from Amsterdam should be treated like it’s worth its weight in gold.